Portsmouth Virginia Mayoral Candidate Jim Sturdevant

City Focus

Portsmouth Virginia Pavilion

Business Development

We need to identify all city property that would be available for development. We should examine what incentives could be utilized to attract major businesses. We need to be more aggressive and creative in finding large businesses.

Portsmouth Virginia street scene

Public Safety

Our Police and Fire departments are 15-20% understaffed; this marginal error has got to be addressed. Balancing the budget by freezing public safety positions is counterproductive and unnecessary.

park and playground in portsmouth virginia


Schools need to be improved so families want to raise their children in Portsmouth. Schools must be able to educate the students at a level that can supply trained and skilled personnel to any new business ventures that we may be able to attract.

Register to Vote

It is important that all residents in Portsmouth have a voice in our city’s future. Please take time to register to vote.

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